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Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim

The Tim Hortons limited time challenge Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win has turned into a Canadian convention. Individuals the country over swarm to their most loved coffeehouse with expectations of winning an auto, a TV, or other extraordinary prizes. Tragically, it is beginning to look like no one wins anything but a free espresso, or donut.

The current year’s ‘Move Up’ season commenced toward the beginning of February and Canadians are taking to the web to express their disappointment that no one ever wins. Tim Hortons claims that one in each six mugs is a victor in any case, long a very long time of individuals looking up to discover a “please play once more” has Canadians scrutinizing their assessed chances.

Other than the dissatisfaction of failing to win, some are calling the entire challenge a trick and saying that nobody will ever win the greater prizes. Numerous are taking McDonalds up on their $1 espresso advancement through February, which ensures a free espresso on each seventh glass.

This year Tim Hortons has included the new prize of ‘Free Coffee for a Year’ be that as it may, we should see it to trust it.


Total Available
Odds of Winning
2018 Honda Civic Sedan EX-T
1 in 4,419,303
$5000 CIBC Prepaid Card
1 in 2,209,652
Free Tim Hortons Coffee for a Year
1 in 441,930
$50.00 Tim Card
1 in 4419
Coffee and food prizes
1 in 6


  • A New Car: 1 in 7,498,772
  • $5,000 CIBC Prepaid Card: 1 in 2,999,509
  • A TV: 1 in 1,999,672
  • A TimCard: 1 in 12,498
  • Food or beverage: 1 in 6