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THE LIFELINE OF LIFE – Bonding Together

Life is the most uncertain element created by God. Birth and death have not been conquered by humans. Life shows its audacity through its different colors as per situations. Life is never all green. There are times of droughts also. Sometimes life gifts us roses, sometimes thorns.


To abate the effects of mercurial and uncertain life, we have the best boon given by the Almighty and i.e. “Relations”. Relations ameliorate humans with the feelings of warmth, love, belongingness and utmost care. Relations boost up humans with equanimity. Relations come in various types of packages. They vary in their appearances, color, taste, experience, importance etc.


Relations are like umbrellas. They protect us under the scorching heat of the sun and the showers of clouds. Relations act as a protective shield for humans against all odds of life.


As described earlier, relations come in various types of packages namely- family, parents, siblings, better half, friends, colleagues, classmates, college mates, neighbors etc. All of them occupy a special place in our heart.


Relations are like plants. They need to be watered regularly with love and care so that their roots get deepened and strengthened. Right from the time when they are ‘saplings’ i.e. they are formed to till the life long time they need to be nurtured every now and then. They have to be protected from harmful pests like misunderstanding, disrespect, hatred, abuse, violence etc. If these pests are prevalent in a relation, they will not allow our trees of relations to grow beautifully. So these pests should be checked and removed continuously to protect our beautiful trees and allow them to grow freely.


Relations when nurtured properly bear the sweetest fruits ever. This tree can be nurtured when two people who are in a relation make complementary efforts to grow this tree. This is applicable to every kind of relation. It is us who have to keep making undying efforts to maintain the beauty of our own trees.


“Relations never die a natural death; they are always murdered by the people in it”.


Relations get burnt by ego, selfishness, cheating and ignorance. Actually the very opposite of each of these should take place. We should destroy our ego, become selfless, be loyal, pay full attention and invest full time in nurturing relations. Relations should be continuously fertilized so that they will turn into lush green trees and provide us with the coolest shade whenever we get burnt in the heat of life.


Relations are like a rainbow that spreads colors in our life. They fill the garden of life with fascinating colored flowers. They are the perfect blend of all seven colors of VIBGYOR. Just like a rainbow is incomplete without its colors, similarly life is incomplete without relations.


Relations are like “resham ki dori”. It will easily slip out of our hands if properly not caught by both our hands. Even if a knot occurs in this dori, we can solve it through face-to-face clarification of the problem. The only condition is both the sides should have clear intentions to solve the knot in the dori. If only one side (one person) in a relation is trying to solve the knot whereas the other is not at all considering this solution, the knot will still get tighter and tighter instead of getting solved.


“Zara sa pyaar, zara sa dulaar, zara si maasoomiyat aur zara sa dhyan is all what is needed to keep any relationship beating”.


Relations can only breathe properly if people provide space and freedom to each other. Trust and Faith are the two bases of any relationship. After trust and faith are strongly buried in the roots of the trees of relationship, then only fruits like love, care, loyalty, respect and freedom can be borne by these trees called ‘relationships’.


“Agar ye resham ki dori ko zyada khichoge to ye toot jayegi. Agar dhila rakh diya to hath se phisal jayegi. Isiliye sabse acha rasta yahi hai ki iss dori ko sab log baraber se apne hatho me pakde rakhe. Agar aisa hoga to na hi ye tootegi aur na hi ye phislegi”.