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The word “technology” has become omnipresent in today’s era. It has become a cardinal part of our lives nowadays. Living our lives without technology is out of our imagination!!

Technological advancement has kept on wooing people from time-to-time. The level of development in technology has reached its peak. In fact, it would be totally worthy to say that technological development has crossed the sky limits and it nearly does not have any limits now.

People feel it futile to live without technology. Technology has very profound effects on our lives. It is woven into our lives. It is very deeply rooted and it has even strengthened its roots more and more into people’s lives. Technology peeps in at every stage of our life. Right from the time we get up till the time we go to bed, we are surrounded with machines-the “gift” of technology.

There is a machine for almost every function to be done by a human being. To name a few of these we have in the house- the mobile, calculator, washing machine, dish washer, hair dryer, scissors, cutter, computers, tablets, palm tops, vehicles, refrigerator, television, ATM, etc. Actually, this list is never ending.

As it is a universal and well-known fact that every color has its darker and lighter shade, technology also has its darker and brighter side. But it is clearly evident that the brighter side certainly outweighs the darker side as there are more advantages than disadvantages.

Technology has abated human efforts to much extent. It has made human life easy; rather we can say- easiest. We have started dwelling on technology for all our functions- right from the petty ones to the biggest ones. It saves most of our time of performing any task. Any arduous task can be performed very easily with the support of technology. It will not at all be wrong to say that technology has “smoothened” our lives totally.

However, technology also houses the negative aspects in it. Humans have become addicted to technology. We have become puppets in the hands of technological demons.
Our total dependence on machines has put us into a dilemma about our own capabilities to perform a task.

People have become very vulnerable to technology. People also waste a lot of time and money behind purchasing and using these demons. It has made the human relations “obsolete”.

The plethora of usage of technology is a red signal for us to stop for a while and to think and retrospect within ourselves to find the answer that whether our dependence on technology is correct or not. Too much dependence has cut both our hands and has made us completely helpless towards technology.

It is the need of the hour to wake up from a very sound sleep before we completely go down on our knees in front of technology. People have to become proactive and start differentiating between the darker side and the brighter side.

There is no doubt in considering technology a “sterling” part of human life. We have to be very wise in using technology. One has to always be alarmed while being too much used to with technology. Technology is invented to make human life easy and not make our lives morose.

To recapitulate;
I would say- Have a blast and enjoy using technology but be wise enough not to be too much dependent on it because:

“Technology is meant to be a servant of mankind…
Not mankind is meant to be a servant of technology”