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Story of The Founder of Most viral Game Pokemon Go

The Founder and Creator of most viral Game Pokemon Go John Hanke is undoubtedly on the Seventh heaven right now. John’s game pokemon Go which hardly a week old, has seen more downloads than Tinder, Twitter and many other popular apps. In from last some of the days, the game has set people crazy and Nintendo’s shares have gone up at a lightning-fast speed.

But the struggle behind this overnight success is actually took 20 long and hard years to make perfect the much loved game of pokemon go!

Game: The Meridian 59 Phase

In 1996, a time when John Hanke was still a student, he launched a multiplayer online game named Meridian 59. The game was so great and become popular the gaming company bought it form John.

Google Earth- which John Created best thing

John created keyhole, a software development company specializing in geospatial data visualization application. Which application is base on the GPS linked, 3D aerial view of Earth. By see the prospective of that keyhole google acquired it in 2004 and turned it in to Google Earth. This is the time when John Hanke decided to make GPS based games.

The Born of Niantic

From 2004-2010, John ran the Google Earth team. He generated the Google Maps and street view, and parallel at that time put together the core team of Pokemon Go. In 2010, he set up Niantic named, a start-up which is funded by Google to create a game based on Google Maps. This small company launched its first geo-based multiplayer game named with Ingrees in 2012, which was get a big success.

The joke that went viral

After making the team for his ultimate game, John Hanke launched a mini game named as joke on April fool Days in 2014 along with Google. This game set preference for the Pokemon Go game that we’re so cracked about right now. Joke actually work and become viral and this all which John needed to finish.

The Real moto of John behind the creation of Pokemon Go

John Hanke Said,” Pokemon Go is designed to get you up and moving by promising you Pokemon as reward rather than placing pressure on you.”

Result of this game many people are actually go out and explore new place around them. This was actually Hanke wanted. John Said,”By encouraging exploration, Pokemon Go game can make your life better in some small way. People are organizing pokemon Go outings and walks. This game promotes the value of comprehensiveness, and is making people meet other people and add the fresh perspective in life this give people a reason to spend time together.”