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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization Techniques is tool which we can use to improve our business website’s ranking in search engines. There are many ways to improve our website visitors and SEO is one of the best technical tool we have. We can use various types of keywords to make our website visible to our customers from all over the globe. Sitemap enhance our website traffic by indexing our all web pages.

Sitemap :- Sitemap.xml file collect all URLs from the website and search engine will fetch all links and index it.

Robots.xml :- Robots file include rules to inform web spiders and search engine robots about what your website content.

Page title and description :- The title and description represent the URL and it need to be same for better SEO outcome.


Meta tags :- Tags are use to create more links in one article that covers many search keywords in one post.

On-site Optimization :- Site optimization is about content and structure of your site so that, Search engine crawl your site to understand whats that data about.

Title tag

Meta description

Site navigation

Internal linking

Site speed

site security

Ongoing Quality content :- The content you continue providing it should has meaningfull ideas to maintain your brand value. The ongoing quality content is for users who visiting your website not only for SEO benefit.

Integrated marketing is the strategy for marketing activities of leveraging. The whole purpose is to complete marketing strategy. The marketing process is different across mediums but, its better way for promoting objectives and enhance business.

  1. Show the Data

  2. Provoke Thought about the Subject at Hand

  3. Avoid Distorting the Data

  4. Present Many Numbers in a Small Space

  5. Make Large Datasets Coherent

  6. Encourage Eyes to Compare Data

  7. Reveal Data at Several Levels of Detail

  8. Serve a Reasonably Clear Purpose

Search Engine Optimization encounter information architecture with mobile device friendly websites more common and small architecture makes data more difficult to search.

  • Environmental architecture

The environmental architecture design program create a foundation in design and different investigation. You will see the social, cultural and environmental effects of placemaking through courses in architecture.

  • Network infrastructure

You need to know your infrastructure and limitations inside and outside of SEO process. Ideas of your network can explore more opportunities to complex decision making that SEO wants to be done.

  • Hardware :

Title tag

Meta Description



Alt-text on Images

Robot.txt control


  • Software / applications :

Keyword analysis


Content Ideas

Link Building

Link Removal

Technical SEO

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