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What is replicated and Intersite Replication ?

  • Regardless of Inter or Intra-site replication – what is being replicated is the same.
  • Replication elements are broken down into partitions.
  • KCC Generates a replication topology for each partition. Partitions are as follows:
  • Schema (Forest Wide)
  • Configuration (Forest Wide)
  • Domain (or Directory) (Domain Specific)
  • Application (Forest Wide or Domain Specific) [Can be multiple applications]


Intersite Replication


  • Replication between sites
  • Can use either RPC over IP (IP) or SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
  • IP send synchronously and is preferred
  • SMTP sends asynchronously via an email message
  • Requires implementation of AD CS and can only replicate the following partitions:
  • Schema
  • Configuration
  • Global Catalog

Typically used for unstable / flapping networks.