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New Winter Festival Might launch by Canada’s Wonderland

Annually Canada’s Wonderland shuts its doors as the winter season rolls in.  The park uses the offseason to maintain the area, build new rides, and for any other necessary renovations.  But, the potential of a yearly event could keep the park open during the colder months.

Canada’s Wonderland is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company who oversee eleven parks across North America.  The company is doing well with plans of installing four new roller coasters across the U.S., as well as an overhaul of all the parks dining services in 2018.  The Ontario theme park is also seeing some investments this year with the installation of two new rides, “Flying Canoes”, and “Lumberjack”, plus additional upgrades.  Canada’s Wonderland is also in consideration for another Cedar Fair event, WinterFest.

WinterFest started in 2016 at California’s Great America and saw such success it was rolled out to four other U.S. locations last season.  Cedar Fair announced that two more parks would hold the festival in 2018, with a decision to be made early this year.

The event is held through November and December and would give the park a chance for additional revenue during the off-season.  Parks that currently offer WinterFest see a transformation that includes Christmas trees, millions of lights, food, crafts, entertainment, and an official tree-lighting ceremony to kick off the holiday season.