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Intrasite replication in Dcs

  • Replication between DCs within the same site.
  • DCs within a site pair up with up to two replication partners
  • Replication topology is generated by the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC)
  • KCC will prevent more than 3 hops for replication, in the event of more than 3 hops, a shortcut connection is made across the topology ring.
  • KCC can take up to 15 minutes to generate a new topology.
  • When a change is made on a DC, it sends a Change Notification to it’s replication partners.
  • If the replication partners do not already know of this change, it requests details about the change and applies the change.
  • This is known as a notify-pull replication.
  • Of course, after the change is applied to the target DC, the target DC notifies it’s other replication partner of the change. This is called Store and Forward.