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Domain Controllers within a Site in DCs

  • Consider the following when placing a DC at each site:
  • Logins will be quicker if a DC is local
  • WAN Link – may slow down connections to a DC at a different location
  • LDAP Query/login scripts etc. can cause congestion on a DC.
  • May not want to put a DC at a location where there are few staff if the WAN-link is suitable for cross WAN authentication etc.
  • Suggest to put 2 DCs at a site for resiliency purposes (More if required for load balancing).
  • However, if the site hosts few users, 2 DCs might be overkill
  • In the event there are no available DCs in a site, clients will determine the next closest site to authenticate with based on the site link costs (More on site link costs later).