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Replication Protocol RPC over IP or SMTP

Intrasite replication uses RPC Over IP as it’s replication protocol. This allows for the following: Kerberos authentication Data Encryption Intrasite replication is not compressed Intersite replication can use either RPC Over IP or SMTP Intersite replication is compressed

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Intrasite replication in Dcs

Replication between DCs within the same site. DCs within a site pair up with up to two replication partners Replication topology is generated by the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) KCC will prevent more than 3 hops for replication, in the ...

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After you promote your first DC in the forest, the Default-First-Site-Name site is created. All DCs in the forest are added to this site by default. You should rename this site to something logical. If you create multiple sites and ...

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How many users can a DC Support?

This is a relative question. A DC can handle millions and even billions of users – but that doesn’t mean your server can. You will have to measure activity on a DC based on typical usage and load on the ...

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Domain Controllers within a Site in DCs

Consider the following when placing a DC at each site: Logins will be quicker if a DC is local WAN Link – may slow down connections to a DC at a different location LDAP Query/login scripts etc. can cause congestion ...

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How do we define a site in DNS ?

1.Create a Site (In Active Directory Sites and Services) 2.Assign Subnets to a Site (Can be multiple subnets) 3.Assign Domain Controllers to a Site When you create a new site, it is saved in DNS as a sub zone. (Naming ...

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What are AD Sites in DCs ?

Active Directory Sites are typically geographically separated zones within your AD forest. Sites are configured for the forest – meaning all domains in the forest have the same site configuration. Why are sites important? Simply put, how DCs replicate within ...

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The market conditions for IT Service management

>>> Every business wants to be in top in their field so we need to be on top in hundreds of websites. >>> It’s all about compition in SEO so, we need to know our competitors to be popular. >>> ...

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization Techniques is tool which we can use to improve our business website’s ranking in search engines. There are many ways to improve our website visitors and SEO is one of the best technical tool we have. We can use various ...

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