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20 Inspirational Michael B. Jordan Quotes

Michael B. Jordan Quotes


I think redemption is just about righting a wrong, and in that pursuit it’s about trying. You can stumble, you can make mistakes, but it’s about trying to do the right thing.” – Michael B. Jordan


“I’ve been living with that all my life. My name is Michael Jordan, so I’m always being compared to a person of greatness.” – Michael B. Jordan


“Certain things I can’t even explain. There’s a thing about being lucky and…I feel like certain things are just, like, in your cards. I’m just walking the path that’s already set.” –Michael B. Jordan


“That’s one of the fun parts of becoming an actor: you can become whoever you want to be.” – Michael B. Jordan


“I’m not good at everything, I just do my best at everything.” – Michael B. Jordan


“Do as much homework as you can. Learn everybody’s job and don’t just settle.” – Michael B. Jordan


“Equality means having the same rights and liberties and opportunities regardless of our differences.” – Michael B. Jordan


“Sometimes you gotta go with your first instinct. You gotta go with your gut. That’s kind of how I live my life you gotta go with your gut.” – Michael B. Jordan


“I think everybody wants to be their own person and be an individual.” – Michael B. Jordan


“Sometimes family doesn’t always consist of your relatives or by blood. Sometimes your best friends can feel more like family than your cousins. I think everybody kind of has that same feeling. When you go through an accident together, when you go through a traumatic event, sometimes that brings you closer together.” – Michael B. Jordan


“As human beings, why does it take somebody to feel like they’re close to us for us to see their humanity? Why can’t we see the humanity in people that are distant from us?” – Michael B. Jordan


“You can only fool reality until the truth comes knocking on your door.” – Michael B. Jordan


“Taking a break, taking a moment, is super important.” – Michael B. Jordan


“I think it’s just easier for people to put you in a box or a lane because you look similar. I think that’s unfair for anybody in any situation.” – Michael B. Jordan


“I want people to leave the theatre and think, ‘How can I be a better person?’ That’s the only way things are going to improve.” – Michael B. Jordan


“Be collaborative. I’ve had some of my best experiences with directors who were able to sit down and have a conversation and ask me what I thought.” – Michael B. Jordan


“Sometimes you’re overthinking, you convince yourself to get out of it and you’re like, ‘ah I shoulda did that!’ You can’t live life with regrets. Sometimes you just gotta indulge. But in the same breath, you gotta have restraint and self-control too.” – Michael B. Jordan


“So you tell yourself to just do the work and disconnect, because you have no controlover the outcome.” – Michael B. Jordan


“I think everyone starts in the mailroom at some point! It’s a rite of passage. Your boss has to throw something at you and order you around for at least two years.” – Michael B. Jordan


“I’ve never been the guy to hype myself up. It’s just not my thing.” – Michael B. Jordan