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15 Habits Every Men Should do Daily

15 Habits Every Men Should do Daily

1. Drinking Water Early Morning

Drinking water empty stomach every day is that secret to glowing skin you’ve been ignoring all your life.  Water removes toxins from your blood resulting in clearer, energized skin. If you’re still not convinced, it helps you lose weight and how!

2. Trim Unwanted Facial Hair

Your facial hair grows constantly. You may think you’re good to go because you just trimmed your beard yesterday, but even a few stray strands can ruin your look completely. Hopefully, removing unwanted nose hair needs no explanation.

3. Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and you definitely don’t want to be the guy who looks okay but smiles a gross yellow. Start using whitening toothpaste and work on a whiter set of teeth from today.

4. Use Sunscreen

With temperatures rising unbelievably fast, it becomes a necessity for a man to shield his skin from the harmful UV rays. Make it a habit to use sunscreen with an SPF that suits your skin before going out in the scorching sun.

5. Get Good Sleep

Nothing ruins your looks more than dark circles and skin that looks exhausted. Make sure you get a sound sleep for at least 7 hours every night to look well and fresh the next morning.

6. Keep Your Body Posture Right

Stop slouching. Stand straight. It will make you look more confident and stronger, even if you have a lean frame.

7. Wear Well-Fitting Clothes

You don’t have to be into fashion to understand this basic fact. No matter what you wear, make sure they fit you well. Make it a point to alter all clothes you buy to your fit. You should never be wearing anything too baggy or skinny.

8. Exercise Before You Go Out

You may not have hit the gym in the last one week but people out there don’t need to know that. Work out before you step out for that party. It will make you look a lot more toned than you really are, especially if you’re on the leaner side.

9. Dress Neat

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to get the perfect wardrobe. You can make the best of what you have just by making sure your clothes look neat and clean. Always iron your clothes before putting them on!

10. Make Sure Your Hair Looks Neat At All Times

If your hair looks good, half the battle is won! Even if you’re not the most stylish person around, a simple haircut can make you look like the most handsome guy around, only if you style them neatly. Even getting the shabby, out of bed look requires a lot more work than it seems.

11. Avoid Chapped Lips

No woman may ever say it out loud but they do notice your lips, all of them! Make sure they’re not chapped. Use a lip balm regularly. Dry, chapped lips are the worst things you can do to your looks.

12. Follow The Trends

Keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion. If you’re planning to buy shoes, buy the trendiest ones. Get the latest hairstyle, sport the beard everyone’s talking about. If you look fashionable, you will tend to look more attractive to people around. It doesn’t take much effort, trust us!

13. Stick To The Basics

If you’re really handicapped when it comes to fashion, stick to the basics and wear them right. There are some colour combinations and style tips you can never go wrong with.

14. Moisturize

Keep your skin moisturized. It will help your skin look healthy, fresh and there’s no bigger turn on than a man who cleans up well.

15. Wash Your Face Before Going To Bed

Every time you step out, dirt settles in the pores of your skin and that’s how you get acne and blackheads. Make sure you wash your face every night before going to bed.